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Garage Door Opener

There are hundreds of models available in the genre of garage door openers, and the first step of choosing them is by identifying the kind of garage door you have at home. Since a garage door is the single largest piece of machinery in your home, it is necessary that you pay a lot of attention to choosing it. Almost all the styles of garage doors - ranging from the old styled carriage doors to the ultra modern split fold doors - have various models of garage door openers available. Once the door is finalized, the selection from which you need to make the final decision is ready.

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Garage Door Springs

Ask any expert about what is the most important part of a garage door opener, and he will instantly tell you that it is the set of springs which help hoist and close the garage door. In fact, it is not the motor of the garage door opener that is doing the job of opening and closing the garage door. The motor just uses the stored energy of the springs to move along the track, and along the way, the door is also opened and closed. That is why there is a small ½ HP motor that is used most of the time in a garage door opener. The rest of the energy is contributed by the springs.

Torsion Springs | Extension Springs

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